How do Computers work at the most basic level?


The computer is the most useful machine or tool ever invented. In technical terms, it can be defined as an electronic device that accepts data, and processes information in a pre-defined fashion. According to the set of instructions provided to it and produces the desired output.

How do Computers work at the most basic level

How does Computers work?

Computer process information using the instructions from the user to produce the desired results. The instruction that you feed in the computer through software is a basic input. This input could be fed through a keyboard, mouse scanner etc.

These instructions are then sent to the processor known as the Central Processing Unit (CPU) for processing. After the task or processing has been performed, the processor sends the result. That is known as Output to the monitor screen or the printer. If you want to store the information for future use, you can very well store it, either on the Hard Disk or any other storage devices like Floppy Disk or CD, DVD, etc.