C# or C sharp is a fully object-oriented language developed by Microsoft Corporation. It supports the main key features of the .NET Framework. It is a new development platform of Microsoft for building component-based software. It is a simple, efficient, productive, and type-safe language. C# Language designed by Anders Hejlsberg in 2000. It is mainly used for building robust, reliable, and durable components to handle real-world applications.

The most important facilities of C# are given below:

  • It is a brand new language derived from the C/C++ family.
  • It simplifies and modernizes C++.
  • C# is the only language design for the .NET Framework.
  • It is intrinsically object-oriented and web-enabled.
  • C# is a concise, lean and modern language.
  • It embodies today’s concern for simplicity, productivity and robustness.
  • It will become the language of choice for .NET programming.
  • Major parts of .NET Framework actually coding in C#.

Applications of C#:

C# is a new Programming Langauge developed exclusively to suit the feature of.NET platform. It can use for a variety of applications that support by the .NET platform.
1. Console Applications
2. Windows Applications
3. Developing ASP.NET projects
4. Developing Windows controls
5. Developing .NET Component Library
6. Creating Web controls
7. Providing Web-service