DBMS Tutorial


Database Management System (DBMS) is a software package that allows the data is being stored, retrieve and manipulate. The data contains in a DBMS package. It can access by multiple application programs and users. Application packages such as SQL Server, Oracle, MS-Access,etc. This DBMS tutorial will help you to understand the database concept.

A database is an organized collection of facts. In other words, we can say that it is a collection of information arranged and presented to serve an assigned purpose. The DBMS tutorial is discussed below:

Example: Database is a dictionary where words are arranged alphabetically. Similarly, when you think of a box of cards with names and addresses written as a mailing list, the box and its contents form a mailing database. It contains cards with the mailing address, All these cards are placed in alphabetic order of names and the collection of these cards says a Database.


Any organization, be it a bank, manufacturing company, hospital, University, or Government Office, requires a huge amount of data in some form. All such organizations need to collect data, manipulate them and store them for future use. All such types of organizations require data for several purposes, say:

i) Preparing Sales Reports
ii) Forecasting Sales
iii) Preparing Accounts Reports
iv) Getting Medical Histories of Patients