Artificial Intelligence Techniques

AI Techniques:

The artificial Intelligence technique is a method that exploits knowledge that should be represented in such a way that:

i. It captures generalizations.
ii. It can be understood by people who must provide it.
iii. It can be easily modified to correct errors and incorporate changes.
iv. It can be used in many situations even if it is not accurate or complete.
v. It can be used to help overcome its sheer bulk by helping to narrow the range of possibilities that must usually be considered.

Search knowledge:

Knowledge can be defined as the body of facts and principles accumulated by humankind. Knowledge is stored as complex structures of interconnected neurons. The structures correspond to symbolic representations of the knowledge possessed by the organism, the facts, the rules, and so on. There are three types of knowledge in Artificial Intelligence Techniques:

Artificial Intelligence Techniques

1. Procedural Knowledge: It is defined as compiled knowledge related to the performance of some task.

2. Declarative Knowledge: It is passive knowledge expressed as statements of facts about the world.

3. Heuristic Knowledge: Heuristic means some rules of thumb or tricks or some strategies to simplify the solution to problems.