Computer Graphics

Computer Graphics is one of the most important elements of information. Graphics have revolutionized almost every computer-based application in science and technology. Computer graphics is the study of computer hardware that deals with the storage, generation, and display of all kinds of images in the Computer and then computing techniques to logically develop and manipulate those images.

Graphics refers to the creation, storage and manipulation of picture and drawings using a digital computer. With developments in computing technology, interactive graphics has become an effective tool for presentation of information in such diverse fields as Science, Engineering, Medicine, Business, Industry, Government, Art, Entertainment, Adverting, Education and Training.

Application of Computer Graphics:

A major application of Graphics is designing, engineering and architectural systems. Computer-Aided Design (CAD) techniques are now routinely used in the design of the Building, Automobile, Aircraft, Watercraft, Spacecraft, the Defence Mechanism, Computer-Component, Industrial Machinery, Textile and the increasing number of other products ranging from a pen to refrigerator.

Computer Graphics

In Computer-Aided Design environment, traditional tools of design are replaced by parameterized modelling routines with interactive graphics capabilities so active and dynamic that the designer can carry out an unlimited number of experiments involving complex computation in search for a better design.

Among the other applications of Graphics is Image Processing, Animation, Morphing, Simulation,
e-Learning, Material Designing
and Graphics Designing are rapidly gaining demand.