What are the Most Common Interview Questions and Answers?


A job interview is a conversation which occurs between a potential employer and a job applicant. During the job interview, the employer hopes to determine whether or not the applicant is suitable for the job, while the applicant tries to learn more about the position while also impressing the employer. As a general rule, a job interview is an important part of the process of applying for a job.

What are the Most Common Interview Questions and Answers

Some Asked Common Interview Questions and Answers:

1. “Tell me something about yourself“:

It’s time to name a brief but systematic statement which highlights your education, professional achievements, and future goals and it also covers a description of your qualification for the job and potential contribution you could make to the organization.

2. “What are your best skills?“:

If you have sufficiently researched the organization, you should be able to imagine what skills the company values. List them, then give examples where you have demonstrated these skills.

3. “You want to work here because“:

Work up a little enthusiasm and unless you’re in sales, Never say ‘money’! Show the interviewer your interest in the company. Share what you learned about the job, the company and the industry through your research. Talk about how your professional skills will benefit the company.

4. “What is your major weakness?“:

Be positive“, turn a weakness into a strength. Such as – You might say that “I often worry too much over my work. Sometimes I work late to make sure the job is done well”.

5. “Do you prefer to work by yourself?“:

Flexibility is the key, but if you’d rather be honest, go ahead. Such as – Describing how you have worked in both situations.

6. “Career Aspirations“:

Answer this one with caution as your interview is comparing your plans and the company’s goals, to see if the twain meets. Talk about your desire to learn more and improve your performance, and be specific as possible about how you will meet the goals you have set for yourself.

7. “What are your interests other than work?“:

Your interviewer is looking for a sign of skills outside of your professional experience. Such as – Your hobbies like chess, and bridge demonstrate analytical skills. Reading, Music, Painting and Graphics Designing is the best creative hobbies. These type of things indicates that you’re comfortable working as part of a team. he/she may also be curious as to ascertain whether you have a life outside of work.

8. “Salary Expectations“:

Before going for the interview, find out the current salary range for the profession. Talk to people in the profession and get an estimate. If you’re experienced employer, then ‘Negotiate‘ for the best package. Try not to answer this once with a figure. you could ask the interviewer what he is planning to pay the best candidate. let the employer make the first offer and then if it isn’t good enough, make a quote.

9. “Is there something I have forgotten to ask you?“:

Use this as a chance to summarize your good characteristics and attributes and how they may be used to benefit the organization. Convince the interviewer that you understand the job requirements and that you can succeed.

If you’re experienced employer, then the Most Common Interview Questions and Answers are given below:

10. “Why do you leave your previous job?“:

Don’t launch into a diatribe against your previous / current employee. The interviewer is trying to find out if you had any problems on your last. If didn’t have any problems, you could opt for the following answers:
[no-highlight]i. Relocated away from the job.
ii. Company went out of business.
iii. Wanted a job better suited to your skills.

Now, if you did have problems, ‘be honest‘. Show that you can accept responsibility and learn from your mistakes.