Python is an innovative and powerful language with the right combination of performance. It provides the main features is that it makes programming fun and easy. Python is a high-level, interpreted, interactive, object-oriented and reliable. Python Language is developed by Guido van Rossum in 1989.

Python is also a platform-independent language with complete access to operating system APIs. It allows users to integrate and create high-powered, highly-focused applications.

Python has a huge number of the user base that is constantly growing. It is a stable language that is going to stay for long. The strength of Python can be understood from the fact that is Python is the most preferred language of companies, such as – Nokia, Google, YouTube, and also NASA.

Python has a bright future ahead of its supported by a huge community of OS developers. The support for multiple programming paradigms including object-oriented Python programming, functional Python programming, and parallel programming models makes it is an ideal choice for the programmers. So, Python is one of the top five most preferred languages in academics as well as industry.

Python is a high-speed dynamic language. Therefore, it works well in applications like photo development and it has been embedded in programs such as GIMP and Paint Shop Pro. The best part is that more and more companies have started using Python for a broader range of applications ranging from social networks, through automation to scientific calculations.