C# Features

C# has several key features are given as follows:


C# is a simple and small programming language. C# simplifies the C++ irksome operators such as ->: :. C# treats integer and Boolean data types as two entirely different types. This means that the use of = in place of = = in if statements will be caught by the compiler.


C# is an object-oriented programming language because it supports three object-oriented systems such as:

  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Encapsulation

In C#, everything is an object, there are no more global functions, variables and constants. In C#, the class model is built on top of the Virtual Object System (VOS) of the .NET Framework.


C# supports an unified type system which eliminates the problem of varying ranges of integer types. These data types are treated as objects easily.


C# is a modern language because it supports some following features :

  • Automatic garbage collection
  • Modern approach to debugging
  • Rich intrinsic model for error handling
  • Decimal data type for financial applications.
  • Robust security model