Difference Between C++ and C#

1. In C#, it doesn't support #include statement.1. In C++, it supports #include statement.
2. In C#, there is no need header files.2. In C++, there must need header files such as -
3. In C#, write the Main() function with capitalized. 3. In C++, write the main() function with small letter.
4. In C#, it doesn't support default arguments.4. In C++, it supports default arguments.
5. In C#, class definition doesn't use a semicolon (;) at the end.5. In C++, class definition uses a semicolon (;) at the end.
6. C# doesn't provide any default constructor.6. C++ provides default constructor.
7. In C#, we can't access static members via an object.7. In C++, we can access static members via an object.
8. In C#, it doesn't support pointer types of manipulating data.8. In C++, it supports pointer.
9. In C#, we can't throw any type value.9. In C++, we can throw any type value easily.
10. C# doesn't support Multiple Inheritance10. C++ supports Multiple Inheritance