Python variables and identifiers


Variables are a very important role in Programming Language, you can store any piece of information in a variable. Variables are nothing but it’s just parts of your computer’s memory where information is stored. Variables are reserved memory locations that store the values. So, each variable is given an appropriate name, every variable is assigned a name that can be used to refer to the value in the program.


Identifiers are as the name suggests and the names given to identify something. This something can be a variable, function, class, module, or object.

Basic Rules for Python Variables or identifiers:

1. The first character of an identifier may be an underscore (‘_’) or the first character of an identifier starting with a letter must be lowercase or uppercase.
2. The rest of the identifier name can be underscored (‘_’)
3. Identifier names are case-sensitive, Example: Python
4. Punctuation characters such as @, $, %, the characters of This type are not allowed.