Transmission Modes in Data Communication

Transmission mode indicates the direction of data flow between two linked nodes. There are three types of transmission modes as stated below :

  • Simplex
  • Half-duplex
  • Full duplex
  • 1. Simplex: In this mode, data travels in one direction only. Between two communicating devices, one is always a sender and the other is always the receiver. Data can flow from sender to receiver only.
    Example: From keyboard to CPU communication.

    2. Half-duplex: In this mode, data can travel in both the direction but not simultaneously. When one node transmits the other node can only receive and vice versa.
    Example: Walky-Talky communication.

    3. Full-duplex: In this mode, data can travel in both directions simultaneously. Both nodes can transmit and receive simultaneously.
    Example: Telephone communication