Major Achievements of OS

Major Achievements of OS manages computer hardware and software resources. Major Achievements of OS are given as follows:

    1. Process
    2. Memory Management
    3. Information Protection & Security
    4. System Structure


A process is a program at the time of execution. The term ‘process‘ was first used by Daley and Dennis.R in 1960. At the time of developing multi-programming, time-sharing and real-time systems some problems are raised due to the timing and synchronization.

Memory Management:

Here memory means main memory (RAM), and the term memory management specifies how to utilize the memory efficiently. So, the main task of memory management is ‘efficient memory utilization and efficient processor utilization. The responsibility of memory management are given as follows:

    (i) Process isolation: It simply means that controlling one process interacts with the data and memory of another process.
    (ii) Automatic allocation and management: Memory should be allocated dynamically based on the priorities of the process. Otherwise, the process waiting time will increase, which decreases CPU utilization and memory utilization.
    (iii) Protection and access control: Do not apply protection techniques and access control to all the processes, better to apply to the important application only. It will save execution time.
    (iv) Long-term Storage: Long-term storage of process reduces memory utilization.

Information protection and security:

Here the term protection means that secure the resources and information from unauthorized persons. The operating system follows a variety of methods for protection and security.
Generally, the protection mechanism is mainly of three types:

    (i) Access control: The operating system provides access permissions to the users about important files and applications.
    (ii) Information flow control: The operating system regulates the flow of data within the system.
    (iii) Certification: The operating system provides the priorities and hierarchies to the resources using this then we can control unauthorized processes.

System Structure:

In the Olden Days, the code for an operating system is very few. Later more and more features have been added to the operating systems. The code of the operating system is generally increased.