Difference between ADO.NET and ASP.NET


It stands for ActiveX Data Object. It is a database access technology created by Microsoft as part of its .NET framework that can access any kind of data source. It’s a set of object-oriented classes that provides a rich set of data components to create high-performance, reliable, and scalable database applications for client-server applications.


It stands for Active Server Pages. It is a server-side framework used in web development to produce dynamic pages. Microsoft developed it to help people build dynamic web pages, websites, web apps and services.


1. It stands for ActiveX Data Objects.1. It stands for Active Server Pages.
2. It is a Library.2. It is a Framework.
3. It is a technology to access data from databases.3. It is a technology through which dynamic web pages can be created.
4. Here, It provides to convert the data into XML format.4. Here, We write our code into C#, VB.Net, ASP .Net etc.