Intelligent Agent in AI

An Intelligent Agent is a software entity that senses its environment and then carries out some set of operations on behalf of a user with some amount of autonomy and to do so, it employs some knowledge or representation of the end-users goal.

Characteristics of Intelligent Agent:

1. They are autonomous, so they can work on their own.
2. They are persistent over a prolonged time.
3. They are adaptive, so they can adjust to changes.
4. They can learn.

Applications of Intelligent Agent:

1. Intelligent Agent is used to access and navigate information using different search engines.
2. Intelligent Agent helps in decision-making by the knowledge workers.
3. Intelligent Agent performs the time-consuming and sends the result-sets back to the user in the distributed environments.
4. Intelligent Agents can be used to assist managers to do their job. Some management-oriented tasks that an agent can do are – advising, browse, distribute, enlist, explain, filter, guide, match, query, search,, etc.