Python Data Types

Data types in Python:

In Python, variables can hold the values of different types that are called data types. Python Data Types are used to define the operations and store each of them.

Built-in Data Types in Python:

There are five types of Python Data Types exist:

1. Numbers: Numbers refer to a numeric value. In Python, there are four types of numbers are exist.

  • integer
  • long integer
  • floating point
  • complex number

2. String: String is a group of characters. In Python, you can use a string in the following ways:

  • single quotes string: This string can be written as ‘Python’ .
  • double quotes string: This string can be written as “Python” .
  • triple quotes string: triple quotes string can be written as ”’Python”’ .

3. List: Lists consist of items separated by commas and enclosed within square brackets([]). It is the most versatile data type in Python Programming Language.
Example :


Output :

4. Tuple: A tuple also consists of several values separated by commas and enclosed within parenthesis. But you can’t change the values in a tuple. So, a tuple is called a read-only data type.
Example :


Output :

5. Dictionary: In Python, Dictionary is used to store the data in key-value pairs. The key values are strings and the value can be of any data type. The key-value pairs are enclosed with curly braces({}) and each key-value pair is separated from the other using a colon (:).

Example :