Difference between File Processing Approach and Database Approach

File Processing Approach
Database Approach
1. Redundancy in defining and storing data which results in wastage of storage space. 1. In the database approach, a single repository of data is maintained that is defined once and them can be accessed by many users.
2. Data definition is typically part of the application programs themselves and hence file processing software can access only specific database files. 2. DBMS software can access diverse databases by extracting the database definition from the system catalog and then using this definition.
3. The structure of data files is embedded in the access programs, so any changes to the structure of a file may require changing all programs that access this file. 3. DBMS access programs are written independent of any specific files. The structure of data files is stored in DBMS catalog separately from the access program. This property is known as program data independence.
4. It doesn't support multiple views of same data. 4. It supports the multiple view of same data.
5. Data for multiple application may not be integrated and is maintained in individual files. 5. A multi-user DBMS allows multiple users to access the database at the same time. So, the data for multiple operations is integrated and maintained in a single central database.