Different Types of Plotters explanation with figure


Plotter is a special type of output device that uses for producing hard copies of large graphs and designs on paper. Such as Advertisement banners, Construction maps, Engineering drawings, Architectural plans and business charts.

Types of Plotters:

There are mainly five types of plotters, these are:

    i. Pen Plotter
    ii. Flatbed Plotter
    iii. Drum Plotter
    iv. Inkjet Plotter
    v. Electrostatic Plotter

Pen Plotter:

These plotters have an ink pen attached to draw the image. These Plotters draw point-to-point lines directly from vector graphics files. Pen plotter was the first computer output device that could print graphics as well as accommodate full-size engineering and architectural drawings.

Different Types of Plotters explanation with figure

Flatbed Plotter:

This is a plotter where the paper is fixed on a flat surface and pens are moved to draw the image. This paper can use several different colour pens to draw with. The size of the plot is limited only by the size of the plotter’s bed.

Different Types of Plotters explanation with figure

Drum Plotter:

In Drum Plotters, the pen moves in a single axis track and the paper itself moves on a cylindrical drum to add the other axis or dimension. The size of the graph is therefore limited only by the width of the drum and can be of any length.

Different Types of Plotters explanation with figure

Inkjet Plotter:

The inkjet plotter produces an image using spraying small droplets of ink onto paper. Generally, the inkjet plotters use for large outputs, such as advertising banners, graphic designing. Inkjet plotters are the most popular plotter because it is generally available at a low cost. It has more features the ability to print in colour without any loss of quality.

Inkjet Plotter

Electrostatic Plotter:

An Electrostatic Plotter produces a raster image by charging the paper with a high voltage. This voltage attracts toner which is then melting into the paper with heat. This type of plotter is very fast but the quality is generally considered to be poor when it compares to pen plotters.

Electrostatic Plotter