What is Antivirus Software and How does it work?


Anti-virus software plays an important role in today’s age because it prevents the computer from viruses.

i. Norton Anti-virus
ii. Quick-Heal Anti-virus
iii. Kaspersky Anti-virus
iv. Avast Antivirus

Main Jobs of Anti-virus Software:

1. It guards the programs by finding out the viruses at the time you use them.
2. it scans all the drives to find out the virus and removes them if they are found anywhere.
3. It also scans the files you get from the internet.
4. It checks the floppy disk to see if it is free from viruses when you use it.
5. The vaccinators inject some code into the executable files.
6. The Anti-virus program warns the user of the presence of a virus after it is loaded into the machine.
7. Anti-virus programs are preventive and restorative.