Types of Virus in Computer

Computer Virus:

A computer virus is a program that can infect other programs as well as to replicate itself without the user’s knowledge or intension. A virus in the computer is a small program which enters your computer and damages your data. It is a kind of computer disease. It can make your computer files sick and it can damage them completely.

Computer viruses are small programs that duplicate themselves and attach their replica to other problems. These viruses spread, when someone copies an infected program from one computer and runs it on another computer.

Types of Computer Virus:

1. Program Virus: Program virus affects executable programs usually, .com and .exe files. the virus is activated each time whenever the program is loaded. When an infected program is run, the virus may load itself in the memory and reside there even when the infected application is exited. Such memory resident viruses continue replicating themselves into other programs till the computer is shut down.

2. Batch File Virus: These viruses, though not as infectious as the rest can be dangerous at times. These conceal themselves inside the batch file. These are actually ANSI codes within text or batch files that can remap the keys on your keyboard.

3. Monkey Virus: The monkey virus is highly infectious and quite dangerous since it changes the main boot record and dumps the original Hard-disk. The FDISK/MBR command should never be used here except as a last resort. Detection isn’t easy without booting with a clean disk and when you do this, you are confronted with an invalid drive specification error.

Some harmful effects of the computer virus are:

i. It can damage hardware equipment like RAM, Motherboard, etc. It can also destroy your data or files.
ii. It can damage your software programs.
iii. Virus reduces the speed of the execution of a program. It also makes the computer work slowly.
iv. Virus damages the boot sector of the Hard-disk.
v. The most harmful thing is that a virus can damage the hard disk and erase all its programs.[/dropshadowbox]

Some points to prevents from Computer Viruses:

1. Don’t insert any pirated Floppy-Disk, CD or USB or Pen-Drive in your Personal Computer. Whenever you insert any USB or Pen-Drive, at first you should scan it completely.

2. Regularly protect your systems from viruses by using Anti-virus software. The anti-virus software locates and removes any virus present in your computer.

3. Remove suspicious files.

4. Take frequently backups of all data on the Hard-disk.

5. Regularly scan your Hard-disk.

6. Scan all downloading data from the Internet.

7. Don’t buy pirated software as the virus spreads mainly through illegal pirated software.

8. Don’t open anything wrong or malware/ suspicious website which is not understandable.