How to install CPU Heatsink and Fan Assembly

A boxed Pentium 4 processor includes a high-quality unattached fan heatsink specifically designed to provide sufficient cooling to the Pentium 4 processor when used in a suitable chassis environment.
The fan heatsink and clip assembly (A) comprises:
B: Clip frame
C: Clip levers
D: Clip frame corners
E: Clip frame latch
F: Retention mechanism hook

It attaches to the motherboard-mounted retention mechanism (G).

Step1: Normally, there will be thermal interface material attached to the bottom of the processor’s fan heatsink. Take care not to damage this. Alternatively, use the enclosed string to apply all of the thermal interface material provided to the IHS surface of the processor.

Step2: Align the heatsink and clip assembly with the retention mechanism and place it on the processor. Allow the heatsink to compress the thermal interface material over the surface of the processor’s integrated heat spreader.

Step3: With the clip levers in the upward position, push down on all four clip frame corners to secure the clip frame latches to the retention mechanism hooks. It makes sure that the processor fan cable is free from any obstruction and is not trapped under the clip frame.

Step4: It is important to not allow the heatsink to rotate or twist on the processor’s integrated heat spreader. Securing the fan heatsink while closing the clip levers will ensure the thermal interface material isn’t damaged and the processor will operate correctly.

Step5: Close the clips levers in opposing directions, one at a time. The levers require some force to be completely closed. First, close lever1 while holding the top side of the fan heatsink with your hand.

Step6: Then close clip lever2 while holding the top side of the fan heatsink with your other hand. Once the clip levers are closed, verify that the heatsink is securely retained and that the clip frame latches are properly engaged with the retention mechanism hooks.

Step7: Finally connect the processor fan cable to the motherboard fan power header. Consult the motherboard manual to determine the correct fan header to use.

Step8: When installed, the fan heatsink and clip assembly may cause the motherboard to slightly bend or flex. This is nothing to be concerned about and provides the proper mechanical support for the processor. It helps prevent damage system during shipment.