How to Install CPU Step by Step

The Pentium 4 motherboard should include a manual with installation instructions. The Pentium 4 uses FC-PGA2 packaging. While the integrated Heat Spreader (IHS) affords good protection to the CPU itself, the pins on the underside are fragile and easily bent, so the chip needs to be handled with care.

The CPU chip is designed to fit the socket 478 form factor. It also noted that the motherboards intended for Pentium 4 CPUs have a special processor retention mechanism. It is also attached via four pushpins surrounding the processor socket.

Step-1: Pull the socket handle sideways away from the socket and then raise the lever to a 90-degree angle.

Step-2: Carefully align the processor using the gold arrow markings on a substrate of the FC-PGA2 package and the socket for reference. This should point towards the lever point. The CPU will only fit in the correct orientation.

Step-3: Taking care not to bend any of the processor pins, carefully insert the processor into the socket. Hold the CPU down firmly with one hand and close and secure the socket lever with the other.

Step4: The sticker on the box of the boxed processor can be removed and placed on the inside of the system chassis that the processor is installed into. This will allow quick access to the information that is no longer available on the top of the processor when the heatsink is installed.