Types of Hardware and Software


Hardware is the machine itself and its various individual equipment. It includes all mechanical, electronic, and magnetic devices such as:

1. Keyword
2. Mouse
3. Monitor
4. CPU (Cabinet Box)
5. Printer
6. Scanner
7. Speakers & Sound Box
8. Hard Disk
9. CD-Drive
10. UPS
11. Processor
12. MotherBoard
13. SMPS
14. RAM
15. Graphics Card
16. Cables
17. Joystick
18. WebCAM
19. Microphone
20. Plotter


Software refers to the set of computer programs, procedures that describe the programs, and who they are to be used. We can say that it is the collection of programs, which increases the capabilities of the Hardware.

Types of Software:

Computer Software is normally classified into two main categories:
i. System Software
ii. Application Software

System Software or Operating System:

You know that a program is a set of instructions that has to be fed to the computer for the operation of the computer system as a whole. When you switch on the computer, the programs written into ROM are executed which activates different units of your computer. It makes it ready for you to work on it. This set of programs is called System Software or Operating System (OS).

i. Windows
ii. MAC OS
iii. LINUX
iv. UNIX

Application Software:

Application Software is a set of programs to carry out operations for a specific application. It is very useful for Text Processing, Financial & Accounting, Banking, Animation, Graphics-Designing, Photo and Video Editing, etc.

i. MS-Word
ii. MS-Excel
iii. MS-Access
iv. MS-Powerpoint
v. Tally
vi. Corel-Draw Graphics-Suite
vii. Adobe Photoshop
viii. Pinnacle Studio