Difference between AC power and DC power

AC power:

AC power is the standard electricity that comes out of power outlets. Alternating current (AC) changes the direction of the electrical flow at a rate of about 60 times per second.

DC power:

DC power is a linear electrical current, it moves in a straight line. It keeps a constant pace and flows in the same direction all the time. Direct current (DC) flows from a negative charge to a positive charge and does not fluctuate.

Difference between AC and DC:

AC power
DC power
1. It stands for Alternating Current.1.It stands for Direct Current.
2. AC reverses its direction while flowing in a circuit.2. DC flows in one direction in the circuit
3. The frequency of AC is 50Hz or 60Hz depending upon the country3. The frequency of DC is zero
4. AC is safe to transfer longer distance even between two cities.4. Voltage of DC can't travel for a very long distance.
5. Rotating magnet along the wire can cause the change in direction of electric flow.5. Steady magnetism along the wire can make DC flow in a single direction.
6. The power factor of AC lies between 0 & 16. The power factor of DC is always 1
7. IN AC power, electrons keep switching both directions - forward and backward7. IN DC power, electrons move steadily only in one direction - forward
8. AC power is mainly used in the industry of the transportation and production of electricity.8. DC power is mainly used in Cell or Battery.