Example of Dempster-Shafer Theory in AI

Dempster-Shafer Theory:

Dempster-Shafer Theory considers the fact that the observations or correct belief can be made out by not one degree of final belief but it considers an interval defined as,
(Belief, Plausibility)

1. The degree of correct observation lies between 0 to 1 according to the range of the above interval.
2. Belief is made on certain facts that are considered to be true and plausibility is based on the value of belief.
plausibility = 1- Belief (¬S)

3. The value of the interval defined by the Dempster Shafer ranges from 0 (uncertainty) to 1 (certain).
4. When the value of belief on some observation is ‘s’ that belief (¬S) is 1, the plausibility is 0 and it’s 1 otherwise.