Enterprise Cloud Computing

Enterprise Cloud:

Enterprise cloud computing is the process of using cloud computing for saving cost and for business innovation by getting extraordinary speed and agility and improved collaboration among customers and business partners. Enterprise cloud computing is very important because of the following:-

Enterprise Cloud Computing

Features of Enterprise Cloud Computing:

1. Cost of accessing data can be reduced to a great extent by linking it directly with the usage. Customers are charged on a pay-per-use basis.

2. Start-ups can test out new business ideas risk-free and at low cost, due to enormous scalability. Since there is no upfront capital expense involved, in case a new project takes off, it can be scaled up instantly and vice versa.

3. Enterprise cloud computing allows a company to create a shared workspace in order to collaborate with its trading partners and work together as a ‘virtual enterprise network’. In this way, they can share information and communication resources, without actually owning it all. This also helps in lowering costs.