Infrastructure Requirements for Cloud Computing

Infrastructure of Cloud Computing:

A cloud data center consists of computer systems and related components for example, networking, storage, etc which are kept in one place. The data center is a susceptible area with rigorous environmental control. Entry is restricted for unauthorized users, safety measures are also designed in a way that protects against any type of physical hazard in the data center. A data center comprises the following areas:

1. The first distribution area consists of various network equipment such as switches, routers, multiplexers and firewalls.

2. The second distribution area consists of network, storage, etc.

3. The third area is the place where the actual rack cabinet is kept for computing and storage.

4. A supportive control system is also present for proper maintenance such as air conditioning, ventilation, heating, etc. The control system also works for maintaining the threshold temperature in the room.

5. The power supply in the data center is also not easy to install, as it requires a high level of expertise. In a cloud data center, various IT and non-IT equipment are kept in one place. This needs a proper power backup facility in case of a power cut or any other problem.

6. The energy consumption at various data center tends to exceed the average limit. In fact, this is an area of research for scientists right now. For calculating power consumption, power usage-effectiveness (PUE) is calculated.