Differentiate Various Vendors of Cloud Computing

Vendors of Cloud Computing:

With the migration of various organizations to cloud-based technology, many vendors have come into existence with incredible facilities.

1. Amazon Web Services – IaaS

The cloud computing corporation of Amazon Web Services (AWS) – offers Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) on the cloud for associations needing computing storage, power, and further services.

Differentiate Various Vendors of Cloud Computing

Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2): EC2 is a web service that permits resizable computing ability on the cloud. The consumers may generate virtual machines (VMs) that are server cases known as Amazon Machine Image (AMI). A pay-by-the-hour system is followed.

Simple Storage Service (S3): S3 offers a web service interface that may be used to regain and store an infinite quantity of data from any place at any time via the Internet.

2. Google – SaaS, PaaS

Google App Engine is Google’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) that provides hosting and produces web applications on the Google Infrastructure. Presently, Java and Python are the supported programming languages. Software as a Service (SaaS) provides business agreements and email. It is similar to conventional office suits, comprising Sites, Talk, Docs, Calendar, and Gmail.

Differentiate Various Vendors of Cloud Computing

The Google Cloud is powered by thousands, possibly millions of unique services and servers which accommodate a surprising quantity of information. These are situated at various sites on the globe and accommodate many clones of the information which are available on the Internet. Relevant information of the users is replicated on various servers. Google Cloud is a ‘reference‘ to the information which has been stored and made clear by Google. Services of cloud computing may be used from any site to access information that has been saved Google Services are provided by Search Docs, Google Maps, etc.

3. Microsoft Azure Service Platform – PaaS

Azure Service Platform is the proposal of Microsoft PaaS, is an operating system that is known as Windows Azure. It performs as a runtime for the application and offers a set of services such as SQL services, Live Service and .NET Services.

Differentiate Various Vendors of Cloud Computing

Windows Azure is a Microsoft Cloud computing platform used to develop, launch and control applications via a universal network of Microsoft-controlled Data Centers. It permits applications to be developed using various distinct languages, frameworks, or devices and makes it potential for designers to amalgamate communal cloud applications within their accessible IT environment. It also offers both IaaS and PaaS services and is categorized as the ‘public cloud‘ in its cloud computing policy of Microsoft.

4. Rackspace – Cloud Hosting

It is the service head in cloud computing and an initiator of OpenStack. Rackspace is an open-source cloud platform. The San Antonio-based vendor which operates around more than a thousand enterprises, offers dedicated support to its consumers, athwart a variety of IT services, comprising cloud computing and managed to host. Their exclusive consumer service policy has benefited them in getting the faith of their customers.

Rackspace has been identified by Bloomberg Business Week as the ‘Top Hundred Functioning Technology Corporations‘ and was highlighted in the list of Fortune. The corporation was also placed in the Leaders for Cloud Infrastructure under Service and Web Hosting.

5. Salesforce.com – SaaS, PaaS

Salesforce is a supplier of SaaS-based goods, along with having a PaaS offering Force.com. It is a universal venture software corporation with headquarters in San Francisco, United States, California. Salesforce is best identified for its consumer relationship management (CRM). It was in graded position in Fortune’s 100 Best Corporations.