Comet Cloud Architecture

COMET Cloud:

A COMET Cloud (CCS) consists of a cloud service and data modern which is directly adaptable with an array of services. The CCS data modem is accessible with CDMA and GSM (International) connectivity. Averaged data is supposed to secure the cloud sites internationally for an hour and domestically for nearly 15-20 minutes. Modem location is available automatically from the involved GPS. With the CCS modem, the first year of service is included.

Each COMET cloud provides a safety link to a custom dashboard. The dashboard is where the data is seen, charted and downloaded. Using Met One Instruments’ updated COMET Software, downloaded data can be stored, displayed, analysed and reported. Map overlays could be carried into the dashboard on which the sensor can be sited. The sensor’s serial number is the ID number on the data report and map location. In the cloud, data are stored for up to two years. After the completion of two years, the oldest one is overwritten by new data. The data may be exported for analysis and reporting. By computer or any tablet or smartphone. COMET Cloud site can be accessed.

COMETCloud offers:
1. Infrastructure services for dynamic coordination and federation to enable on-demand scale-down, scale-up, and scale-out.

2. Programming support to enable programming models and services range for automatic management and operation of the applications and infrastructure.

COMET Cloud provides us with the facility with scheduling like monitoring, analyzer, managing data, etc. It works as an interface between cloud applications and cloud users by providing support like research sites, etc.