T-Systems in Cloud Computing


Deutsche Telekom is one of the largest IT services companies in Germany, it is the founder of T-Systems. Most of the existing IT businesses and services of Deutsche Telekom were then incorporated and assimilated under the control of one single company, T-Systems. In 2008 Cognizant, global IT services provider and T-Systems entered into global cooperation. In India, Cognizant took over the operations of T-Systems. It is a market leader in Germany as well as works for the German government.

T-Systems an IT service provider hand of German telco Deutsche Telekom announced that the company plans to assimilate all of its cloud services onto a new unified, fully-redundant cloud infrastructure platform. The company informs its standardized efforts will help to improve the flexibility and automation of its service, and permits enterprises to execute more data privacy policies and robust data residency.

According to the company, it’ll standardize its cloud services, which includes its IaaS and collaboration and software services on its Dynamic Cloud Platform moving ahead, starting with its Munich Datacenters, in conjunction with Cisco. It is fully redundant and linked with 10GbE between each data center, the platform was developed.

According to T-Systems, bringing all its heterogeneous offerings together on a single platform will increase the flexibility of services and get a higher level of automation to the back-end data center operations and network. The above figure shows that the virtual network of an organization may have various types of departments like heads quarter of the organization, manufacturing department, etc. With the existing network, organizations can connect with other private clouds, public clouds, etc.