Benefits of Virtualization in Cloud Computing

Virtualization in Cloud Computing:

Virtualization refers to a technology that is used to make physical resources available as virtual resources. Many IT resources can be virtualized, for example, servers/compute, storage devices, networks, etc. Cloud computing technologies use a set of techniques to create virtual storage, virtual networks, and perhaps virtual applications as well.

Benefits of Virtualization in Cloud Computing

Virtualization software is used to make a physical server like a virtual server. The physical server on which virtualization software runs is called a host. many virtual servers can be handled by one physical server. Each virtual machine has its operating system which we call a guest operating system. System software and application software running on a virtual machine is not aware of the virtualization software running on a physical server.

Benefits of Virtualization:

The benefits of virtualization include the following:
1. It allows any network-enabled device to access any network application over any network.

2. It maintains the isolation of one workload from another application to enhance security in the environment.

3. Virtualization of an application allows users to be comfortable with different versions of the operating system.

4. It can support and allow applications with multiple instances to run on various machines concurrently.

5. It optimizes the use of a single system.

6. It enhances the reliability or availability of an application through redundancy.