Components of Virtual Machine in Cloud Computing

Components of Virtual Machine:

Some of the virtual components used in a virtual machine are as follows:

Virtual Central Processing Unit (vCPU): One or more vCPU are used at the time of virtual machine configuration. The number of vCPU may be increased or decreased according to the needs.

Virtual Random Access Memory (vRAM): vRAM is the quantity of memory assigned to a virtual machine and it is clear to a guest operating system. This memory range may be altered according to the needs.

Virtual Disk: A virtual disk saves the virtual machine’s operating system, application data, program files and other data related to the virtual machine. A Virtual machine must have at least a single virtual disk.

Virtual Network Adaptor (vNIC): It provides a similarity between the virtual machine and physical machines and between virtual machines on the same computer system and between virtual machines on different computer systems. vNIC performs specifically like a physical NIC.

Virtual DVD/CD-ROM and Floppy Drives: These tools facilitates plotting the virtual machine drive either in the image file on the storage or the physical drive.

Virtual SCSI Controller: To retrieve virtual disks, virtual SCSI controllers are used by a virtual machine.

Virtual USB Controllers: These facilitate a virtual machine to associate with the physical USB controller and retrieve the associated USB tool.

Virtual Machine Console: A VM console provides the screen functionalities, the mouse and the keyboard to establish an oS for which a virtual machine console is used.