White Hat Hacker vs Black Hat Hacker vs Grey Hat Hacker

White Hat HackerBlack Hat HackerGrey Hat Hacker
1. White Hat Hackers are individual who finds vulnerabilities in computer network1. Black Hat Hackers are highly skilled individuals who hack a system illegally.1. Gray Hat Hackers work both White Hat and Black Hat Hacker.
2. White Hat hackers are paid employees.2. They make money by carding and selling information to other criminals.2. They only find issues and report the owner, sometimes requesting a small amount of money to fix that issue.
3. White Hat Hacker is legal.3. Black-Hat Hacker is illegal.3. Gray-Hat Hackers violate the Laws.
4. They works for the organizations and government.4. They are criminals who violate computer security for their owner’s personal gain.4. They only find issues in a system without the owner’s permission.
5. They develop security tools and software to identify and remove malware.5. Black hat hackers create malware to hack into systems.5. They can't develop security tools but can create any malware or virus to hack into systems.