Top 4 Reasons for not getting a Job after Interview

The Most Common Reasons for not getting a Job:

1. Lack of experience
2. Gaps in employment
3. Insufficient education
4. Don’t sell yourself

Lack of experience:

If you’re a new graduate, seeking a career change or lack of experience for some other reason, you might face this common conundrum: How can I get a job that requires experience, to get more experience?

Gaps in employment:

Perhaps you were a stay-at-home parent or caring for a sick relative. Maybe you decided to go back to school, freelance or start your own business. Some employers may interpret unaccounted-for periods in your work history as unproductive, lacking motivation or inability to keep a job. However, correctly accounting for and addressing your employment gap can show employers that you used such time to do what was right for you and your family.

Some common reasons for Gaps in employment may include:
i. Illness or recovery
ii. Having or caring for a child
iii. Career switching
iv. Death of a loved one
v. Going back to school
vi. Freelancing or starting a new business
vii. Upskilling through internships or certifications
viii. Looking for the right job

Insufficient education:

Often, a job posting includes a minimum amount of education for the role. Other times, you’ll see that they will accept a minimum amount of education or a certain number of years of experience. So, while a lack of education can certainly be a barrier to the role you’re interested in, it doesn’t always mean a dead end. Some employers may view candidates without the required education as lacking in core concepts and hands-on training commonly offered in standard education.
Perhaps you have a bachelor’s degree and the employer is looking for a master’s. Or maybe, there are some advanced courses the employer requires you to have passed.

Don’t Sell yourself:

If you’re trying to sell yourself, it’s when you’re job hunting. If you don’t clearly convey your skills, knowledge, and education, it’s no one’s fault but your own if you don’t get the job.
There’s a fine line between being cocky and confident, so make sure you’re always tempering your confidence with humility.