System and network threats in operating system

System and Network Threats in OS:

It typically uses a breakdown in the protection mechanisms of a system to attack programs. In contrast, system and network threats involve the abuse of services and network connections. Sometimes a system and network threat mainly used to launch a program attack and vice versa. System and network threats create a situation in which operating-system resources and user files are misused.

Worms: It is a process that uses the fork or spawns a process to make copies of itself to wreak havoc on a system. Worms consume the system resources. It often blocks out other, legitimate processes. Worms that propagate over networks can be especially problematic, as they can tie up vast amounts of network resources and bring down large-scale systems.

It consisted of two parts:-
1. A small program that says a grappling hook, which deposited on the target system through one of three vulnerabilities.

2. The main worm program transferred onto the target system. It launched by the grappling hook program.

Types of Network Threats:

There are typically two basic types of Network Threats:

  • Passive Network Threats
  • Active Network Threats

System and network threats in operating system

Passive Network Threats:

Those activities such as wiretapping and idle scans are designed to intercept traffic traveling through the network.

Active Network Threats:

Those activities such as Denial of Service (DoS) attacks and SQL injection attacks where the attacker is attempting to execute commands to disrupt the network’s normal operation.

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