Security Management in Cloud Computing

Cloud Security Management:

Securing the cloud is one of the issues that is an obstacle for cloud vendors, to save data from unauthorized and malicious users. We have back-end security processing from Check Point Corporation, where scanning of the email was controlled at the Check Point data centre, which permitted sophisticated safety features to be proposed. It comparatively economical firewall intentionally designed for home use.

The above figure shows distinct security parameters by different cloud providers. Various services and applications are supported by distinct cloud providers and based on user requirements a single company can take advantage of various services. Different security tools are used by cloud providers as per the terms and conditions of the company. Some cloud providers use digital signatures for securing data, whereas some use digital signatures and encryption to provide security and authentication.

Security Management is one of the obstacles for many organizations to migrate to the cloud environment. This is why cloud providers always try to make cloud networks secure by providing various security measures and policies to the users.

The above figure shows that security management in cloud computing and security policies are always an interface for users to enter the cloud network. Everyone can’t enter the cloud network without knowing the key for decrypting the encrypted data.