Process in Cloud Service Management

Cloud service administration comprises a set of organizational procedures that connect the distribution of cloud services to customers. Generating and distributing services involve giving customers what they desire. Cloud service management procedures perform in the environment to make certain all the service tasks are carried out as committed. Businesses, despite having top service conception devices are many a time, unsuccessful in carrying out services to the desired quality and don’t meet business needs. This is because of inadequate service management procedures. Processes included in cloud service management are given below:

  • Service benefit and configuration administration
  • Capacity administration
  • Performance administration
  • Incident administration
  • Problem administration
  • Availability administration
  • Service catalog administration
  • Financial administration
  • Compliance administration

Service benefit and configuration administration:

Capacity administration:

Performance administration:

Incident administration:

Problem administration:

Availability administration:

Service catalog administration:

Financial administration:

Compliance administration: