Difference between Cloud Computing and Traditional Computing

Cloud Computing
Traditional Computing
1. Cloud Computing refers to delivery of different services such as data and programs through internet on different servers.1. Traditional Computing refers to delivery of different services on local server.
2. In Cloud Computing, User can access data anywhere at any time. 2. In Traditional, User can access data only on system in which data is stored.
3. It requires fast, reliable and stable internet connection to access information anywhere at any time.3. It does not require any internet connection to access data or information.
4. It takes place on third-party servers that is hosted by third-party hosting companies. 4. It takes place on physical hard drives and website servers.
5. Cloud Computing provides more storage space5. Traditional Computing provides less storage space
6. Software is offered as an on-demand service (SaaS) that can be accessed through subscription service.6. Software in purchased individually for every user and requires to be updated periodically.
7. Cloud Computing provides scalability and elasticity7. Traditional Computing does not provide any scalability and elasticity.