IoT Information Model

The IoT information model defines the structure of all the information for Virtual Entities on a conceptual level. The IoT information model details the modeling of virtual entity. The virtual entity has attributes with a name (resp. Attribute and AttributeName) and a type (AttributeType) and one or more values to which meta-information can be associated.

The diagram shows the structure of the information that is handled and processed in an IoT System. The main aspects are represented by the elements VirtualEntity, ServiceDescription and Association. A virtual entity models a Physical entity and Service Description describes a service that serves information about the physical entity itself or the environment.

Through an Association, the connection between an Attribute of a Virtual Entity and the ServiceDescription is modelled and the Service acts as a “get” function for an Attribute value. Every Virtual Entity needs to have a unique identifier or entity type. It defines the type of the Virtual Entity representation. Furthermore, a virtual entity can have zero to many different attributes.