How to create an archive file in Unix or Linux operating system?

Create an Archive File in Linux:

In Linux, the tar command creates tar files by converting a group of files into an archive. It has the following syntax:


OPERATION: Only one operation argument is allowed and required. There are mainly three types of operations:

–create (-c) – It creates a new tar archive.
–extract (-x) – It extracts the entire archive or one or more files from an archive.
–list (-t) – It displays a list of the files included in the archive.

OPTIONS: There are mainly two types of options:

–verbose (-v) – It shows the files being processed by the tar command.
–file=archive=name (-f archive-name) – It specifies the archive file name.

ARCHIVE_NAME: It is the name of the archive.

FILE_NAME(s): It is a space-separated list of filenames to be extracted from the archive.


tar --create --file=archive.tar cv.docx resume.docx biodata.pdf

Extract a Tar Archive file in Linux:

–extract (-x): It extracts a tar archive file.

tar -xf resume.tar

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