How do I get ISO 9000 Certified?

ISO 9000:

An organisation intending to obtain ISO 9000 certification applies to an ISO 9000 registrar for registration. ISO mandates that a certified organisation can use the certificate for corporate advertisements but cannot use the certificate for advertising any of its products. The ISO 9000 registration process consists of the following stages:

Application stage: Once an organisation decides to go for ISO 9000 certification, it applies to a registrar for registration.

Pre-assessment: During this stage, the registrar makes a rough assessment of the organisation.

Document review and adequacy audit: During this stage, the registrar reviews the documents submitted by the organisation and makes suggestions for possible improvements.

Compliance audit: During this stage, the registrar checks whether the suggestions made by it during the review have been complied with by the organisation or not.

Registration: The registrar awards the ISO 9000 certificate after the successful completion of all previous phases.

Continued surveillance: The registrar continues monitoring the organisation periodically.