Hadoop Framework in Cloud Computing

Hadoop Framework:

Hadoop is an open-source framework that is designed for processing large data sets. It is an application programming model developed by Google which implements MapReduce for providing basic operations for data processing. Map and Reduce work on the data which is given as input by the user and provides processed output as shown below figure:

Hadoop is a Java programming-based free structure which is employed in a distributed computing environment for the dispensation of big data arrays. It is in fact, the Apache Software Foundation sponsor scheme. It supports applications to operate on systems along with thousand joints of terabytes. Speedy data transport is possible among nodes which assist the system with ceaseless functions. It lessens the threat of catastrophic system collapse and uncertainty among users.

Hadoop offers a run-time environment to the user. Yahoo sponsors Apache Hadoop. Yahoo also administers the largest Hadoop in the world and tries to make Hadoop a complete package for data processing. In Google’s MapReduce, a specific application is divided into numerous parts. The operating system is favoured by its Linux and Windows. Hadoop offers a Java interface which supports resourceful, scalable and reliable distributed computing.