Differnce between Cloud-based and Web-based Software Testing

Cloud-based Software Testing:

Cloud apps can be used through the web browser or installed on devices and utilized through an internet connection on smartphones, PCs, etc. The purpose of cloud apps is to offer users the opportunity to work conveniently, whether it’s through on-demand services or the availability of the network, or access to shared pooled resources.

Web-based Software Testing:

A web app utilizes a web browser and web technology to carry out tasks over the internet. It is designed to be used on a web browser, it must have a continuous internet connection to function.

Cloud-based vs Web-based Software Testing:

Cloud-based Software Testing
Web-based Software Testing
1. You can access it mostly in data centers1. You can access it from anywhere
2. It provides more scalability2. It provides limited scalability
3. It has very high uptime availability3. It has limited uptime availability
4. It has multiple replicated data centers4. It has single data center
5. Multi-tenancy solution is available here5. Isolated tenancy solution is available here