Difference between Spring Framework and Spring Boot

Spring Framework:

It is a light-weight, loose-coupled integrated framework that provides all-inclusive infrastructure support to develop Java-based applications.

Spring Boot:

It is the module that allowed the elimination of lengthy boilerplate configurations that were otherwise crucial in the setup of an application.

Spring Framework vs Spring Boot:

Spring Framework
Spring Boot
1. It creates a loosely coupled application1. It creates a stand-alone application
2. In Spring framework, the developers needs to write lots of code.2. In Spring boot, the developers doesn't needs to write lots of code.
3. It is widely used to develop enterprise applications3. It is widely used to develop REST APIs.
4. It doesn’t provide support for the in-memory database.4. It provides support for the in-memory database
5. In Spring application, a deployment descriptor is required.5. There is no requirement for a deployment descriptor.