Difference between Serial Adder and Parallel Adder

Serial Adder:

In Serial Adder, the adder operation carried out bit-by-bit. Therefore, a serial adder requires simpler circuitry than a parallel adder but results in a low speed of operation.

Parallel Adder:

In most of the logic circuits, the addition of more than 1-bit is carried out. All the bits of the augend and added are fed into the adder circuits simultaneously and the additions in each position are taking place at the same time. This circuit is known as a Parallel adder.

Serial Adder vs Parallel Adder:

Serial Adder
Parallel Adder
1. Serial adder is less fast.1. Parallel Adder is generally faster.
2. It requires fewer components.2. It requires more components.
3. Addition is performed bit-by-bit starting from the LSB.3. All the bits are added simultaneously.