Difference between Morphing and Shape Tweening


It is a computing technique used in graphics and movies, in which one image is gradually transformed into another image using digital tweeting.

Difference between Morphing and Shape Tweening

Shape Tweening:

It is a function that shows an animation morphing from one characteristic to another.

Morphing vs Shape Tweening:

Shape Tweening
1. Morphing is Computing technique to smooth transformation of one image into another using digital tweening.1. Shape Tweening is an Animation technique in film animation for generating intermediate frames.
2. Morphing is also known as to the people more than than tweening.2. Tweening is also known as in-between.
3. Morphing can change the face to another one in blink of eye.3. It can change the colors and locating of an object.
4. Morphing is widely used in movies.4. Tweening is widely used in both computer animation and hand-drawn animation.