Difference between Monotonic and Non Monotonic Reasoning

Monotonic ReasoningNon-Monotonic Reasoning
1. The size of the KB always increases monotonically.1. The size of the KB always increases non-monotonically.
2. All new knowledge that is added to the KB must be consistent with the previous knowledge.2. In uncertain situations addition of new axioms may contradict with earlier and might be required to be removed from the KB.
3. No retractions of rules (removals) are allowed.3. Allow retractions also removal of contradictory facts.
4. Inference methods available are insufficient. 4. Inference methods are complete and justified.
5. Traditional KR technologies like PL, FOPL, Propositional can't accommodate the real world's changing situations.5. These system like TMS allows the revision in belief and accommodate the real world changing situations.