Difference between Laravel and CodeIgniter


Laravel is an open-source PHP framework developed by Taylor Otwell. It follows the model-view-controller (MVC) architecture, inspired by another popular PHP-based framework, Symfony. Nowadays, Laravel framework is more popular than CodeIgniter because of its performance, functionality, and usability.


CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework that is built for developers who like a simple and elegant toolkit to create full-featured web applications. It is very useful for the short-term project, but not for long-term projects.

Laravel vs CodeIgniter:

1. Laravel contains the in-built modularity feature1. CodeIgniter framework is not designed with the in-built modularity feature
2. Laravel supports the array of databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft BI, and MongoDB.2. CodeIgniter supports some additional databases such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, orientdb, and JDBC.
3. Laravel contains the feature of eloquent ORM.3. CodeIgniter does not support the eloquent ORM.
4. In laravel, database model is Relational object-oriented4. In Codeigniter, database model is Object-oriented
5. Laravel has an in-built blade template engine5. CodeIgniter does not have an in-built template engine.
6. Laravel provides http support.6. CodeIgniter does not provide http support.
7. Laravel contains the Rest API Controllers that helps the Laravel developers to build the Rest APIs.7. CodeIgniter does not have specific features of the custom Rest API development.
8. Laravel provides the authentication class8. CodeIgniter does not have an in-built authentication feature
9. Laravel framework has a steep learning curve9. CodeIgniter framework has a shallow learning curve
10. Laravel has an inbuilt unit testing tools such as PHPUnit.10. CodeIgniter doesn’t have any inbuilt unit testing tools.

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