Difference between Hypertext and Hypermedia with examples


When text lives in a computer, instead of on printed pages, the computer’s powerful processing capabilities can be applied to make the text more lively and interactive. Something can always happen if someone excites the text with a mouse. It may quickly transform into an image or a piece of music may be heard or more interesting information may come up. That is called Hypertext.


When words or texts are linked with other words or text you have a hypertext system. But when text, graphics and audio elements are cross-linked to each other. It enables the user to access one element from the other. That is called Hypermedia.

Difference between Hypertext and Hypermedia:

1. It refers to the text which links to other chunks of text of same or other document.1. It refers to connecting the hypertext with media such as graphics, sounds, and animations.
2. Hypertext is a part of Hypermedia2. Hypermedia comes in the superior level entity
3. Hypertext involves only text3. Hypermedia involves graphics, image, video, and audio
4. Hypertext is a non-linear way.4. Hypermedia is a linear way.
5. It doesn’t provide a better user experience.5. It provides a better user experience.