Difference between dofollow and nofollow backlinks

Dofollow Backlinks:

DoFollow backlinks are unique links that tell any search engine to use a specific path that runs along its page rank. So, as to influence the outbound link coming from the site. In general, more visitors will visit pages that ranked highly in search engines, so it is important to create a DoFollow link.

Example: [html]W3Schools

Benefits of dofollow backlinks:

1. Dofollow links help to enhance page rank in search engines.
2. They also help improve the website’s authority.
3. Dofollow backlinks are higher in demand.
4. The Website content may rank higher for several keywords.
5. do-follow backlinks may help to get more chances to diverse referring domains.

Nofollow Backlinks:

NoFollow links are unique hyperlinks that remove any passing on its specific page rank status to other sites. When the NoFollow option is selected, search engine bots aren’t able to search through the links and therefore skip the website’s content. It means that no rise in visibility in search engine ranks can be expected. The nofollow anchor tag attribute tells search engines not to pass link equity, sometimes it is also referred to as “link juice“. It means the linking website does not want to pass authority to the linked page.


Benefits of nofollow backlinks:

1. Nofollow backlink increases DA, PA & other Metrics.

2. A nofollow link from any relevant source can directly help you in getting a boost of website traffic.

3. Nofollow contextual backlinks also help your site gain some authority.

Dofollow Backlinks
Nofollow Backlinks
1. Dofollow backlink is used to pass PageRank in Search engines1. Nofollow backlink is not to pass PageRank in Search engines
2. Dofollow link allows authority building with visitors through search engine ranking2. Nofollow links do not allow for authority building on search engines
3. DoFollow content indexed in search engines and calculations determine placement in search engines3. NoFollow content is not factored in when search engine calculations are being done
4. Dofollow SEO value is high4. Nofollow SEO value is low
5. DoFollow backlinks can help improve a website's visibility5. Nofollow backlinks can't help improve a website's visibility
6. Dofollow anchor tag attribute is not required. 6. Nofollow anchor tag attribute is required (rel="nofollow").
7. Dofollow backlinks always crawled7. Nofollow backlinks may or may not be crawled

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