Data structure used in covid-19 app

Data Structure for Contact Graph in covid-19 app:

We represent G using adjacency lists having two components, index file (G.) and close contact vectors file (G.). The G stores q number of index records with two fields UserID and Pointer for each user. Here, q, the average degree of the G represents the average number of distinct persons coming in close contact with a person during D days. Moreover, we maintain one extra index record in G to move into the overflow area when contacts exceed the average value of q for an individual.

Data structure used in covid-19 app


Algorithm for Process(G, )
while (Buffer() 6= φ) do
if (.StartT ime 6= φ) then
t, P ← .StartTime,.UID
ν, λ, ρ,W ← Initialize(t)
end if
X ← GetNext( .Data)
if (X = Gx) then
ν, λ,W ← Update(ν, λ, x)
U ← GetUsers(X.Rec, t)
U.̺ ← 1
W ← UpdateCounters(W,U)
if (Size(W) = ρ) then
W ← Delete(W,U′)
for all (P′in U′) do
if (P′.̺ = ρ) then
G ← Install(G, P, P′, ν, λ)
end if
end for
end if
if λ = ρ then
ν ← (ν + 1) mod n
end if
λ ← (λ + 1) mod ρ
W ← Insert(W, U)
end if
end while
return G

Data structure used in covid-19 app

Algorithm for Contact Tracing:

Algorithm for TraceContacts(G, I′, L)
Create χ, Q1, Q2, l
for all P ∈ I′
A ← P(q + 1)
while G.[A].P ointer 6= NULL do
P′← G. [A].UID
if P′/∈ then
P′.Level ← l
← ∪ P′
χ ← χ ∪ Edge(P, P′)
Q1 ← Insert(Q1,A)
end if
A ← A + 1
end while
end for
l ← l + 1
while ((l ≤ L) and not (IsEmpty(Q1) and
IsEmpty(Q2))) do
while (not IsEmpty(Q1)) do
Q1 ← Delete(Q1,A)
P ← G. [A].UID
A′← P(q + 1)
while G. [A′].Pointer 6= NULL do
P′← G. [A′].UID
c1 ← G.[A]
c2 ← G.[A′]
if P′/∈ and T raceOperator(c1, c2) then
P′.Level ← l← ∪ P′
χ ← χ ∪ Edge(P, P′)
Q2 ← Insert(Q2, A′)
A′← A′+ 1
end if
end while
end while
Q1, Q2 ←→ Q2, Q1
end while
return, χ

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